Wim Declercq

PhD, Ghent University


Wim Declercq, PhD, is an international expert in the field of cell death and inflammation. Currently he is mainly studying the function of genes involved in skin cancer and inflammation.

He is a professor in molecular Biology and chair of the Department of Biomedical Molecular Biology at the Ghent University (Belgium). He is also part of the VIB Center for Inflammation Research. His research group tries to unravel complex signaling events in keratinocytes, the main cell type in the upper parts of the skin. Miscommunication in these cells can contribute to cancer or inflammatory diseases.

His research makes use of biochemical, cellular and complex genetic mouse models. By means of recombinant DNA technology it is possible to engineer these mice in such a way that they carry similar genetic mutations as found in human disease. In this way, one can study whether certain mutations found in human tumors are really important for cancer development or whether these mutations are just accidental. It also helps researchers to translate findings in cells to a more physiological setting and test experimental therapies.

Prof. Declercq obtained his PhD degree in Biotechnology from the Ghent University. He held different positions at Ghent University in the labs of Molecular Biology and is currently head of the Department for Biomedical Molecular Biology. 

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