Emir Šehović

University of Turin


Emir Šehović obtained his BSc and MSc titles in genetics and bioengineering at the International Burch University in Sarajevo.

Throughout his study he was especially interested in population genetics, human genetics, cancer biology and biostatistics. For his BSc thesis he analysed Y chromosomal haplogroups in the Balkans. This research provided insight into genetic relations of the Balkan populations. As his BSc thesis was related to population genetics, he gained more interest and knowledge in data analysis and its interpretation by utilizing biological knowledge. Consequently, he published several articles on population genetics [1],[2] and cancer data analysis [3].

For his MSc thesis he worked on using salivary microRNAs as biological markers within the Bosnian Herzegovinian population. Through his MSc thesis he gained additional theoretical knowledge about miRNAs, practical experience related to microRNAs in the lab (enabling him to work independently) as well as additional experience in data curating/analysis.

He published one journal and one conference article on this research. Moreover, working on his thesis drove him to develop in fields both related to molecular biology and analytics.