Prof. Cathrin Brisken awarded with Claudia Schilling Prize

The Claudia von Schilling Prize, administered by the foundation of the same name, is a prestigious award that acknowledges outstanding contributions to breast cancer research and therapy. We are proud to announce that Professor Cathrin Brisken has been honored with the prize in 2023 in recognition of her remarkable achievements in breast cancer research.

Her groundbreaking paper, “Estrogen receptor positive breast cancers have patient-specific hormone sensitivities and rely on progesterone receptor,” published in Nature Communications in 2022, played a pivotal role in securing the award.

Expressing her gratitude, Brisken states, “I was very honored because the Prize emphasizes the translational value of our work. It has important implications for the future of breast cancer prevention and treatment.”

The prize not only emphasizes Brisken’s scientific accomplishments but also her role as a global citizen, having trained and worked in various countries, her fluency in multiple languages, and successfully raising three children.