What we do

Cancer incidence is increasing worldwide but treatment can’t yet match the needs of all patients: men and women have different chances of getting cancer,  different  survival rates and respond differently to therapy. 

At CANCERPREV we explore the challenges of breast and skin cancer prevention in patients who are susceptible to or have been diagnosed with premalignant lesions. Our goal is to fast-track the medical understanding of prevention, to help restore the quality of life in patients and prevent or diminish the exponential costs that accrue during therapy.

Thousands of hours spent in labs across Europe showed our team that hormonal stimulation, nutrition and chronic inflammation are important determinants of cancer development. Therefore, we need to better understand these factors and how they affect our health. This is what we do at CANCERPREV.

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Why do we focus on prevention?

As life expectancy increases, so do the chances of cancer development and relapse. This entails life-altering therapy as well as heavy emotional and financial tolls on patients and their close ones.

Recognizing and reducing the exposure to certain risk factors, such as tobacco smoking and HPV infection, are already leading to a decline in certain cancers. However, breast, skin and testicular cancers are on the rise. Screening programs have improved early detection in some cancer types and this is crucial because it can increase life expectancy and quality in patients. Still, screening hasn’t made it easier to personalize the management of premalignant or early-stage lesions, although most research is currently focusing on that. This is why cancer prevention is key.

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