Our focus: Prevention

Cancer can’t be studied by working in silos. However, interactions between cancer biologists, epidemiologists and behavioral scientists remain scarce. At CANCERPREV, we believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This project unites an international group of high-profile epidemiologists, basic cancer biologists and health care professionals, to jointly train a new generation of young researchers about the factors that are increasingly recognized as culprits in cancer development across different tissues: hormones, nutrition and inflammation. We will do so over the course of four years (2019-2023). At the end of the project, the young researchers involved in this program should

  • have a much broader understanding of the factors that enhance cancer susceptibility, saving years of individual clinical practice and research,
  • act as influencers in their professional environment
  • cascade this information outside their professional environment, so that the public becomes aware of the latest research developments in the field of cancer prevention

Cancer biologists and epidemiologists generally have few opportunities to study and work together in early career stages. However, epidemiological studies provide valuable insights into cancer trends because they look into the lifestyle, behavior, occupational risks and genetics of populations, pointing out the groups at risk of developing cancer. At the same time, large-scale analyses of tumors and healthy tissues collected from patients and healthy individuals improved our knowledge of what happens at molecular-level in organisms affected by cancer versus healthy ones.

In this rapidly developing world it is urgent to combine these advances, as it can take decades to transform research results into effective public health measures impacting each of us.

Public health scientists and health care providers need to become critically aware of such research that addresses complex social, genetic and biological factors with impact on preventive cancer medicine.

You can find more about the CANCERPREV team here.